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Bricking Machine
Ez Flexx50 Bricking Machine

Our Brick Lining Machines are custom designed for kiln diameters varying between 2.4M - 7.6M. Our latest machine is built for Torpedo Ladles for the Steel industry.

suspended platform
EZ Lift Platform

The suspended platform is an all aluminum platform custom designed for cyclones, vertical lime kilns and BOF process furnaces. The suspended platform allows personnel to safely and easily inspect or install refractory.

kiln access ramp
Kiln Access Ramp

Kiln Access is a critical factor in the smooth operation of your refractory installation. Typically, the reduction of downtime will recover the cost of a kiln ramp after one shutdown.

safety inspection cage
Safety Inspection Cage

Safety Inspection Cages allows personnel to safely enter the kiln from falling debris for patchwork or inspection.

Personnel Protection Tunnel
Personnel Protection Tunnel

The Personnel Protection Tunnel is designed to extend into the kiln so that personnel is safe from falling debris


The Port-A-Trac is an aluminum, modular system for transporting full pallets of brick underneath your brick lining machine.

Hydraulic Conveyor

Our Hydraulic Conveyor is aluminum and modular so it is easy to set up to transport brick into the kiln. This is perfect for when there is no access for a fork lift to enter the kiln.

incline conveyor
Incline Conveyor

The electric Incline Conveyor allows you to transfer refractory from the kiln floor to your brick lining machine work platform. This is perfect for when there is no access for a fork lift to enter the kiln.

Bedding Cart
Bedding Cart

The Bedding Cart is designed to brick out the bottom half of the kiln up to the spring line. Ergonomic stair step design for larger kiln sizes

Material Basket
Material Basket

The Material Basket can carry 2 pallets of refractory, tools, small equipment, etc and can be lifted from a staging area below to the burn floor using a crane.

Radialign Laser
Radialign Laser

The Radialign laser alignment device ensures refractory is installed perpendicular to the axis of the kiln.

Burner Alignment Device
Burner Alignment

The Burner Alignment device helps to ensure the optimal burner position

Muck It Bucket

The Muck-It-Bucket is designed to easily attach to skid steers and has a radiused bottom for easy removal of debris from the kiln

Fork Truck Bracket
Fork Truck Bracket

The Fork Truck Bracket allow you to safely and easily carry your arch and frames into the kiln with a fork lift

Long Jack
Keying Jack

The Finger-Tip controlled Long Jack holds the key bricks in place so that you can move your arch and continue with a new row of bricks

Shim Driver
Shim Driver

The Shim Driver is a pneumatic hammer used for driving shims between bricks.